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“Most parents want to do what is in their child’s best interest. I have seen the pain on a parent’s face when they tell me they can’t keep up with their child support obligations or maintain a schedule that keeps them involved in their children’s lives. We care about helping you find a comfortable solution that will actually work for your family.”

- Tobin R. Dunn, Attorney



Let Us Help Modify Your Child Support Order – Experienced Greene County Child Support Modification Attorney

Missouri family law judges understand that things change in people’s lives following divorce. What seemed like a fair custody or parenting arrangement at the time the divorce was settled may become unworkable for the parents and the children as time passes.

If you live in Southwest Missouri and are struggling to meet the provisions of your original custody, parenting time or child support settlement talk to an attorney on the Missouri family law team at Dunn Law Firm, LLC, in Springfield, MO.  We have extensive legal experience helping people find solutions to complicated – and often emotional – issues related to modifying their original judgment.

If you are a parent struggling to make your child support payment, not receiving your child support. not getting to see your child or just want to see your child more often we can help  Sometimes the original orders of child support or parenting arrangements just stop working for you and your family. When that happens it makes it difficult for you be the most effective parent. If you are facing child support enforcement procedures or know you need to make a change in visitation, let us sit down with you to review a strategy for modifying your agreement,

Attorney Tobin R. Dunn is an experienced mediator, and all our attorneys are all skilled in the art of tactful and effective negotiations. We will work toward a common ground that puts the children’s needs first.

Let Us Help You Get More Time With Your Child – Experienced Greene County Child Custody Modification Attorney

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